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Band Nerds is Dallas, Texas "dirty little secret". This alternative, hip-hop, rock family known for their relatable content, catchy hooks, and high energy shows are the "New Gospel of Modern Day Music". With styles so different being brought to the table each member is what makes band nerds unique.

Band Nerds is ready for you to rock out uncontrollably as they deliver their ecclectic, headbanging, ear-pounding brand of alternative rock and hip hop. No neckbrace included. Combining aggresive rock riffs, catchy hooks, atmospheric pads and synthesizers, witty lyrics, insane turntablism and top that off with a rambunctious stage performance and you've got a musical experience you'll never forget. The six piece collective includes lead vocalist and guitarist Brandon Cross,vocalist Nagee, vocalist and guitarist Scullie Mclendon, drummer Cam I Am, dj and sampler DJ Sol Los, and bass Mark Nasty.

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